Don't worry,
you are
not alone
on this journey.

We believe technology can spur lifestyle change, but the secret to lifelong behavior transformation is to know others are with you on this health journey too. Whether online or in person, connect in the way that is best for you to learn the latest disruptive knowledge, gain inspiration and support from your local community, and discover how local businesses care to make your health goals even easier to obtain.

Hosting live events around the country has fostered the growth of an incredible New Life Community, where the vision of self-governed human wholeness empowers those wanting to make a real, sustainable change in their lives. Join our next upcoming events to become part of this community and movement:

Online Events

Check out our New Life Webinar link to keep up with the latest online events you can join from the comfort of your couch: Link coming soon!

What to Expect at New Life Events

With the help of scientifically-proven principles of health and longevity, you will learn:

  • How to reverse diabetes
  • How to safely lose weight
  • How to prevent sickness and disease
  • How to increase your energy
  • How to defeat allergies
  • How to conquer impotence naturally
  • How to overcome depression
  • How to prepare delicious meals
  • And much more!

Have a topic you want to know more about? Contact us below and write your topic in the message box. We would love to address it at our next event!