Be the CEO
of your own health.
Let us be your
Executive Assistant.

A healthy and happy company most often leads to a profitable company with innovation taking place every day.

The New Life Corporate Wellness program offers a personalized program where employees can be incentivized, while employers are able to track progress and participation. This is where we stand apart. We have the science to lead to better health, but we can also track employee participation rates and correlate those with how their health improves.

What’s the Value to Your Company?


on employee healthcare costs by having a healthier workforce


company health KPIs with real live personal health coaches that track employee participation and drive them to reach their individual health goals


sick days with healthier employees, thus increasing productivity


more tight-knit work communities at the office while everyone works towards a better snapshot of their company’s health


a happier work environment where employees feel invested into on a personal level of well-being