A world where
the healthy decision
is the easiest.

Being healthy doesn't have to be time-consuming, like your life currently. It doesn't have to be confusing, like all the medical advice, medications, and diet programs. The New Life empowers you to make it an experience of simplicity and pleasure, tailor-made for you and your life.

Redefining Health for You

Our Principles

The DNA that drives everything we do is made up of 10 lifestyle principles effectively observed in the longest living populations around the world, like in Loma Linda California, where the average resident lives at least 10 years longer than their American counterpart.

Ten principles of The New Life

Bringing the New Life to You



We ease your health journey with an app that does all the leading and planning for you, you just have to follow it.



We aim to continuously provide you free information that educates, astounds, and provokes you to liberate yourself from your current health habits.



Our motivational & educational events foster your own community safety net, connection to local mentors, and growth in learning.