We live to make
your health journey into
one of simplicity and
pleasure, tailor-made
for you and your life.

The New Life is a scientifically-based health and wellness brand that provides customized health experiences for people to manage their own health through technology, community, content, events, and coaching.

Our Values


Yes, the W is on purpose. We want everything we do to uplift a holistic way of living, where wholeness is restored in mind, body, and spirit.


We believe health can be beautiful, on the inside and out. Design is that “out” we hope to inspire you to live your best.


Without trust, no relationship can grow. We promise to uphold integrity in the relationships we form and the information we share.

Free Information

Information is power, so we want to make sure we make you stronger to face your health decisions and choose the best one.


If Michelangelo had needed to say Ancora imparo - ‘I am still learning’ - at 87, we understand how important it is to be continually learning and challenging each other to be better versions of ourselves each day.


This New Life is not just a fad, it’s for life. We commit ourselves personally to this New Life, as well as all our energy to help you achieve this liberating lifestyle too.

Our Team

Sebastien Braxton - The new life team - CEO

Sebastien Braxton


For nearly half of his life, Sebastien has lived on a whole foods, plant based diet and advocated it just as long. He has experience in for-profit and non-profit startup ventures over the past 12 years. He has spoken to over 300 audiences worldwide from Munich, London, Dubai, Capetown, Melbourne, to Stanford and Harvard University. His passion for health, business model innovation and communication has led him to try and tackle the lifestyle health pandemic.

Sebastien Braxton - The new life team - COO

Haley Chapman


Haley is a master organizer and executive with years of experience as an office manager, hearings and operations manager, pleadings manager, and executive assistant from startups to big law firms. She, herself, has been transformed by the principles of the New Life, and loves making the back end of a business run like an oiled machine. Haley wields unparalleled skills in academic and legal writing, leadership, research, customer service, and communication.

Aleksandra Brankob Pujic - The new life team - VP of Marketing

Aleksandra Brankov Pujic

VP of Marketing

For almost a decade, Aleksandra has worked as a leader in international business development, project management, and management consulting. In addition to strategic business development efforts, she directs all marketing, branding, and advertising. Her greatest strengths are her drive, leadership, and communication, and is looking forward to advocating the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle she believes in. Aleksandra is a bubbling extrovert, energized and passionate about people and makes friends wherever she goes.

Nisa Henderson - The new life team - Executive Assistant

Nisa Henderson

Executive Assistant

Nisa has always known the importance of being healthy and staying active, in both an academic and practical sense. From receiving degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise and Sports Science to being a Division 2 athlete running Cross Country and Track and Field, she has years of experience training not only herself, but other athletes and first responders. In her free time, Nisa likes to compete in CrossFit competitions and train for many road races.

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